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What is the best form of contact?

Please email your requirements at or fill the form in contact us page

What are the opening hours?

9.00am to 5.00pm – Monday to Saturday ByPhone, e-mail welcome 24/7-365. (Only international clients)

Why choose email marketing?

Main five reasons are best and accurate form of marketing, long lasting advt., direct response, cost –effective, and lead generating.

What is your main advantage?

Our data is a limited availability database. We preserve the integrity of our data. You can be sure that you will be ahead of your competition with our specific data.

How do we buy the data?

e-mail your requirements at or Call now on 0091-99863-75577 for a quote.Based on requirements we will send you the terms and conditions, please sign and return the same- you could sign the document and send back as an e-mail attachment also along with payment receipt.

How do we receive our data? In what time frame?

Once you have selected your target market, we will sort and select a data base list suits to your requirements. After verifying the terms and conditions and payment we well send out the data. Usually 48-72 hours

What format we receive our data?

Microsoft Excel file or a text file (.xls or .xlsx or .txt format)

How we will come to know which Industry should choose?

By studying your product, service we can advise you the best industry or people you should target.

What sort of data base you will provide? Can we get full data too?

We mainly concentrated on e-mail data. We can provide full data too, depends on your requirements. If it’s Industry sector we can provide you the contact person, telephone, fax no. and complete address.

How much does the data cost?

The cost of data is depending on a number of factors; e.g. no. of data you require, areas you need, the size of the geographical areas, the target market you want to contact, nature of your data etc.

How much approximately it cost for email-addresses only?/

Approximately it will cost you 175.00 GBP- Sterling pound per thousand emails. Please keep in mind it is various depend on the above said factors and exchange rates.

If we buy more data is there is a better price?

The more data you buy the better the volume discount you receive. An account manager would be happy to give you a quote depend on your individual requirements and budget. Call now on 0091-99863-75577 for a quote specific to your needs.

Is email marketing easy to use?

Don’t worry if you haven’t sent an email campaign before – our trained account managers will help you select your ideal email data list and send and track your campaign for you. It couldn’t be easier but our well experienced account managers are always ready to help you.

Is email marketing will give me a good return on investment?

As you know all successful companies are using e-mail marketing as their prime marketing tool. The extremely targeted nature of our email campaigns ensure you get high open and click-through rates for cost effective lead and sale generation.

Where do you get your lists from?/

We generate new leads per day from our various websites! These leads are generated by Pay-per-click, SEO- search engine optimisation, Co-reg, and Newsletters.

How often do you update your lists?

Our lists are updated on a quarterly basis. New leads in, old leads out. It’s important to state that our system honors all unsubscribed immediately!

Do you send out HTML/Image ads?

Yes, we send both HTML and Text emails.

How do we know you’re actually sending our campaign?

After placing your order, you’ll get access to our system. This enables you to see the send results. Or the best way you use your own webmail. So that you can see the messages in your mail folders.

Can we see a sample ad? How much it cost us?

Yes. We can send you an ad sample at a cost of 33 GBP.

Can you design an HTML/Image ad for us?

Yes, we can design an ad for your company. It takes 2-5 days to complete the artwork!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Do you accept checks?

We may – depends up on the reputation of your company. However once the cheque cleared only we will process the campaign.

What kind of CTR – Click-Thru can we expect?

CTR will vary SOLEY on YOUR ad message. We’ve seen ads that over 75% of the people click on. We’ve also seen ads that generate limited no.of clicks! So it’s really impossible to predict that! Again, the main factor will be YOUR ad message.

Is there is a minimum order?

Yes. Minimum you have to order 1000 e-mail -data at a time.

What is the maximum we can order?

It depends. E.g.: exporters in India may have 30’000 results. But if you specific on textile it may limit to 5,000 or 6000.

What are the payment options?

You can use DD, Cheque, TT (Telegraphic transfer), Western Union, PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card options. You could transfer funds from any bank to – HSBC, NatWest Bank, City Bank, Santander, Lloyds TSB, Halifax, ICICI, Canara bank, State Bank of India- SBI, Federal Bank etc. If you are paying in GBP – Sterling pounds or dollar, you have options as HSBC,NatWest, Lloyds TSB, Santander or Halifax.

If we insisted you to campaign for us how much it cost us?

It depends. Our smallest package is the 3K recipients for 100 GBP.

How long does it take to send out our campaign?

From the day it starts, it takes around 3-7 working days to send out an entire campaign, depend on the volume.

Can we send a test campaign?

Yes. Our smallest package is the 3K recipients for 100 GBP. You can test your campaign with this option.

What is the from –or– reply address you use?

The e-mail address you prefer. Eg:

Is this data’s are saleable?

No. Its restricted in many format. If you wish to do so we can provide you options for the same. Then we will send you a set of data, removing restrictions -which enable you to send any number of times.

Is there anything we can’t do with our data?

You can’t resell data once you have purchased it.

What is your spam policy?

We are very strict on the spam policy and we advise, you that if anybody insisted you to remove their data base from the list we provide you, you must do so immediately.

What are the technologies you use?

VoIP, ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), Call routing (Source: Destination: Skills based) CTWE applications integrated with business applications and databases*Our technology allows us to provide a secure and seamless transition from any environment, including Legacy databases. Self-service Capabilities-Various communication channels, inbound & outbound calls, voice messages, mail, fax, text chat, web collaboration, Dynamic, CRM tools, Web Performance Management Tools -Quality real time monitoring, Interaction & system activities logging, Performance data analysis etc.

What are your terms and conditions?

You can get our terms and conditions by contacting us.

We have more questions… can you answer them?

Yes, if you have any other questions that haven’t been answered in this FAQ, please click on , fill the form and we’ll be more than glad to help you.